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We help you choose what type of pole buildings are going to be what is right for you. One size does not fit all. Call us today to find what your perfect pole barn is.

Metal Buildings Tyler TX

People around the area love talking about the welcoming company that we are here at Metal Buildings Tyler TX. We are happy to assist all customers no matter what type of building they are looking to build with us.

We have so much more than a pole barn with living quarters and a pole barn garage. We have the best pole barn builders in the area that are experts in their construction skills.

About Metal Buildings Tyler TX

At Metal Buildings Tyler TX we are very committed to our customers and their satisfaction in our building. Our customers are always in awe of the quality materials that we use and the way it makes your building look and feels.

As the company we are we care so much about the finished product. We care to always do what we can to improve the end result. Our goal is for you to be as proud as us of the building when we finish it.

Searching for “pole buildings near me” can become exhausting and discouraging. We strive to give our customers the answers and the direction they need. We are the expert pole building contractors you need and you can count on us to act as such.

When you find a team that works so well together you want to stick with them. That is what we are and what we strive for as a company. By the way that we work so well together, we get your job done with great timing and great communication along the way.

Our goal is to build your building in a way that is energy efficient. We do this by giving your building great insulation. This keeps your energy costs very low.

Why Choose Us?

Do you want a company that has done this for more than just a year or so? That is what we are here at Metal Buildings Tyler TX. We have built buildings made in different designs, styles, and layouts now for many years.

We have the experience that gives us the confidence to build buildings that may be otherwise complicated. We love when customers come up with their own fabulous designs and we can make it come to life.

What other reasons that our customers choose to work with us?

  • We bring your visions to life
  • We have the license and everything we need to legally work with you
  • We take care of the permits and all the complicated steps
  • We make sure you are taken care of if you choose to do a kit
  • We are there every step of the way for you to call if you need further help

You also do not need to worry about spending money on a consultation. We have free consultations where we discuss what is possible and what you desire to build.

Call our number today to learn how our work can further benefit you. We are ready and openly available to meet with you and discuss what you would like to do to get started.

Our customers love our:

What To Expect

Customers love to work with us a lot. This is because we help them build different types of buildings made out of steel. This is the most cost-effective way to build. The products are amazing, yet you save thousands of more dollars by building this way.

We love answering common questions that our customers have. We walk you through the pros of building with us here at Metal Buildings Tyler TX. Customers love to building with steel because you save on pest control. Bugs cannot eat or get through steel, so you are in a bug-free zone.

tyler pole buildings & metal buildings

On top of pest control savings, you also save on insurance, property taxes by building a metal building. We give our customers estimates for their pole building cost. We make sure they are detailed and have every single feature they want to include.

By making sure our shop builders give detailed pole buildings Tyler prices, we cut out any surprise or unknown fees. We have a sit down meeting with you to go over the details of your project.

We then make sure we have a timeline of how long the project will take. Once we have a timeline we get started. We do a wonderful job sticking to our timeline and finishing your project on time.

Our Services

Have you dreamt of having a home that is made out of metal that includes barn or shop space? We have these buildings and can build them for you on your property. We also have carports if you are only looking for a place to park your car while having it protected from the outdoor elements.

tyler residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

These types of homes are very beautiful. They can come in any color, style, size, or layout. Whether you need two bedrooms or six bedrooms we can build what you would like to see done. The cost of building a residential pole house will save you a ton of money. You will save on much more than only materials. You will also save money if you choose to build a pole barn home kit on your own. Options are endless with residential pole houses.

tyler metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

Commercial metal buildings are a great long term way to go for building. You will avoid the rust, mildew, insect infestation, and more than other traditional buildings will face. Steel lasts much longer which is great when you have a business or company that is looking long into the future. We can build these to whatever size you need for your company. They do a great job in storing your materials, machinery, or inventory.

tyler shop builders

Metal Garages, Steel Shops, & Horse Barns

There are so many different shapes and ways that we can structure a garage, shop, or barn. Depending on what you need we are ready to get you a structure that will fit your cars or anything other you want to use it for. Horse barns are great because we can build in whatever amount of rows you need. Our metal barn builders will work with you to determine how many stalls you will need before beginning.

tyler metal carports

Metal Carports

Carports are a good and inexpensive way to increase the value of your property. They are also a great way to keep your trucks, cars, bikes, and more shielded from unwanted weather. Not only help keep them from sun damage, but also from storm damage as well. The average cost of a carport is $11 a square foot.

tyler shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

Are you in need of extra storage or workspace within your home? A shop with space for a living will do the job. These types of buildings have a great sense of insulation to keep from hearing whatever goes on in the shop side of the building. We can build these to custom orders.

tyler pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

Do you love the look of an open floor plan? So do we. This is why we love to build pole barn homes. By the way that their posts and foundation is built, you automatically get a very nice and open floor plan. There are no load-bearing walls involved with this type of building. This makes the interior design much more enjoyable.

tyler barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

Let’s talk about a structure that is very trendsetting right now on the market. This would be a Shome. They offer the perfect combination. You get your outdoor and indoor leisure space, shop, and storage space all in one. A barndominium also is a great way to have luxury living.

tyler pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

By doing a kit you will save thousands of money by not having to hire out a contractor. The kits come with everything you need. If there are missing parts all you need to do is give the company a call and we take care of your needs. If you stumble across a part of the construction that you do not understand or do not feel comfortable doing give our contractors a call. There are always contractors able and willing to help.

Contact us today for a free pole building quote!

About Tyler Texas

We offer all types of education including colleges, universities, public, and private schools. With all these schools around we have many fun and active sports. We have a lot of team involvement with baseball, football, and soccer.

The Caldwell Zoo, museums, Lake Palestine, and many golf courses provide entertainment year-round. There are many different architectural structured designs in our downtown Tyler.

Our weather is very unpredictable especially when it is springtime. One day you may have a big thunderstorm and then the next day you can have sunny skies.

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  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have any say in how my barn pole house looks?

Yes! The great news about building pole barn Tyler TX is that you get to choose everything. You can choose the roof style, colors, and even if you want your building certified. You can also choose the number of doors, windows, and the types of them that you get. The styling is all free-range when building your own custom pole barns Tyler TX.

What does it mean to have my steel buildings Tyler TX certified or not?

When we talk about pole building homes or other structures that are certified we talk about the upgrades. To be certified means that it is upgraded. The upgrades are in a way that the strength and safety of your building are more than those of other metal buildings. Some areas have strict building standards which means this may be a must for you. Talking to your shop builders Tyler TX they will know if you will need to have your building certified.

Will my pole barn builders Tyler be able to give me an exact pole barn cost?

If you call any “pole barn builders near me” and ask for pole building prices there may be a large variety of answers. This is because due to the number of options you can get with steel buildings the prices fluctuate in a large way due to these different options. The best option for you will be to call one of your “shop builders near me” that you found through our company. They will be able to further direct you.

If I do pole barn kits is there anything I must prepare?

Yes. It is important that if you are going to get a kit to do your building you must prepare the site. Before delivery of your kit can happen, your site must be prepped. This means that you must have the site picked out, it must be clear of any large obstructions, and you must have the property all leveled.

Customer Testimonials

We got our price check very quickly. They were very detailed when they gave us our pole building cost. We were very happy with the estimate.

Jeffery C.

These barn builders really take care of their customers. They even helped me to make sure all my materials were supported and secure in my truck when I went to pick up some materials. I appreciated all the help we got!

Bill K.

This company should be your go-to when looking for “pole building contractors near me”. The service we got was awesome and they built us the most beautiful pole barn with loft.

Liza P.

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After many years of servicing our customers with Tyler metal buildings, we are still going strong. We are the best of the best because of our wide array of options and available pole barn kits Tyler TX.

Our Tyler shop builders are very trustworthy and hard working. Our metal building kits Tyler TX come with everything you need and do not need an expert to assemble.

Make sure to call Metal Buildings Tyler TX today! You can also go ahead and fill out our online form. We love to answer questions and get you set up with what you are looking for.

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